Halfpint’s MCU Recap: The Avengers

We are now coming to the end of the first Phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We are coming to what I call a Cinematic Masterpiece. Nick Fury’s boy band Finally has a name: THE AVENGERS.

Ok, One Paragraph plot time: Loki shows up trying to bring in an Alien Invasion. SHIELD brings in Captain America, Iron Man, and Bruce Banner to stop him. Thor shows up to complicate matters. A little bit of mind control, a little bit of infighting, and A little bit of Joker-like planning later. The Second Act concludes with Phil Coulson dying (or so we think in the Film Universe). Loki gets what he wants in the form of his Alien Invasion. Marvel Fans do to in the form of Sam Jackson and Ted Mosby’s future Girlfriend running SHIELD from a Flying Aircraft Carrier, Iron Man being well Iron Man, Captain America running the Ground operations Paragon style, Thor proving why the Chrysler Building is a great lightning rod, Black Widow/Hawkeye doing their best as Humans fighting a powerful enemy, and Hulk simply smashing all over the place. They stop Loki, save the planet, smile for the cameras, and head off to Disney World.

This is a Motion Picture that takes characters already used in Comic books and uses them to tell a complete story. You don’t have to do any homework. You don’t have to watch any of the other movies beforehand. You don’t have to even be a die-hard Comic book Fan. It treats Film as its own Medium and uses it for all of the advantages Comic Books simply cannot have. It also branches out to further non-comic book fans in order to reach out to the most people and subsequently make the most money.

Some people in Hollywood (ZACK SNYDER and DAVID GOYER) would claim that it doesn’t take much to make a Comic Book Movie. All you have to do is copy/paste selected cool scenes. Not treating Film as a completely separate Medium. Spending your precious Pre Production time using Social Media to hype up your movie and 30 sequels, instead of focusing on things like Story, Character arcs, and most importantly, having a clear defining ongoing storyline. Those people are now and forever proven to be one thing: completely stupid. Thanks to the efforts of Kevin Feige and Joss Whedon. (Look, Whedon had an impossible task with Justice League and not just that Mustache debacle either so cut him some professional slack there.)

I’ve been rewatching the MCU since the beginning and I’m picking up little pieces here and there. I talked a bit about this in Iron Man 2 when you saw a limited view of the Cosmos and a bunch of other things. You get to see the start of the conflict between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. At the end of the film, you hear a Senator talking about The Avengers taking responsibility for their actions. Those small seeds are planted and grow to further fruition along the way. This is why the MCU is awesome. This is why Disney wanted the rights. This is why The Avengers is a Masterpiece.

However there’s now a tiny problem, New York City is really destroyed. I’m talking buildings are blown up. Alien pieces all over the place. This would take a hell of a job to clean up. Not to mention the Earth was invaded by Aliens. How does everyone cope with that? Does anyone pay attention to this sort of thing? It’s unbelievable to this one old Guy who can’t contemplate Superheroes in New York. I wonder what kind of effect this might have on future events.

Wait you’ll find out more next week with Iron Man 3.

Also, what’s with that Purple guy and why is he important? (Foreshadowing COOL)


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