Halfpint’s MCU Recap: Captain America

Whereas our last story took us to another Universe. This Story takes us to another time. A time when Evil was clearly defined. A time when the World was at war. A time where Heroes are made (or are they born?). This is the Story of Captain America.

In Norway 1942 Some Rouge Nazi named Johann Schmidt decided to just roll on over to Norway. Knock over some Viking ruins and take a weird blue Cube. It’s known as the Tesseract and with that, he could harness unlimited energy. He wants to use it to take over the World. Why not? He’s a Comic book Villan after all and that’s kinda in the job requirements.

Steven Rogers was 5’3 and weighs 90 pounds. He has health problems over 2 pages long. However, That didn’t stop him from wanting to serve his country. There’s a bully out there, and it’s never the size of the dog in the fight it’s the size of the fight in the dog. Even if he get’s beaten up. He can do that all day. Winning and Losing doesn’t matter to him. Standing up for what’s right is worth whatever happens. Even if it turns into a Civil War.

This impresses Dr. Abraham Erskine who brings him into the Super Soldier Program. After failing every physical test He falls on a dummy grenade and proves why he’s the perfect candidate for the job. It turns out the Serum amplifies everything including that person’s personality. So after being injected, bathed in Gamma radiation, and assisted by Tony Stark’s dad. He becomes bigger, stronger, faster. Also, he totally impresses that British dame he was awkwardly talking to 10 minutes earlier. But of Course, Hydra ruins this immediately and kills Dr. Erskine. Also taking away his formula and trying to get away with it. Rogers stops him and wants info. That Hydra guy takes a cyanide pill and comes back as Thorin Oakenshield.

Despite destroying parts of Brooklyn. Rogers becomes a publicized hero. He’s not chosen to deploy overseas though. He’s chosen for a much bigger “more important” mission. As a Propaganda Tool. He hates being used this way. There’s only so many times he can punch Hitler before he wants to try it for real. With help from that British dame. He goes behind his own people’s back saves his best buddy and forms a League of Justice. This is where Captain America shines. Acting on his own accord behind everyone’s back. Which is in no way against good order and discipline.

He takes down Hydra one by one. Once going after a Mad Scientist he loses his best buddy. I’m sure we’ll never see him again.  The Mad Scientist flips over to the US side. I’m sure because he had good intentions. They find the final Hydra base blow it up. Somehow Schmidt doesn’t die he somehow disappears into the Cosmos. He then is left with the quintessential Video Game Choice. He can either crash a plane in New York City and possibly dance with his then pissed off Girlfriend, Or he could crash into the Arctic and hope for the best. He chooses the latter because that’s what Paragons do. He’s found 70 years later while taking an Ice Nap.

In the intervening years. Tony Stark’s Dad goes hunting for him and instead finds the Tesseract. Which is just as useful. The knowledge that such a thing exists motivates him to pass what he can on to his son. You remember Tony that Iron guy. Also, that Super Soldier idea was then tested by that quirky Dr. Banner which turns him into a Monster. That whole Tesseract thing was Odin’s and you know Thor has to get involved somehow. Hell One of Thor’s friends is working on the Tesseract. All the while being invisibly stalked by Loki. Add in some SHIELD agents and you’ll have a pretty interesting group of People. They oughta come up with a name though. I’m sure I’ll have one by . . .Next week?

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