Halfpint’s MCU Recap: Thor

The Marvel Cinematic Universe from the known home that is our United States, ALL the way to another plane of Existence known as Asgard. Don’t worry we’re not going into Space yet nor other Dimensions. That’s not for a while.

What makes a Leader? Is it someone who is a powerful Warrior? Is it someone who’s only skill is Intelligence? Is it both? All civilizations have this issue when choosing an Overall Leader. If I had any say, it would be someone who could eliminate Frost Giants.

I just wanted an excuse to use this meme

But unfortunately, Odin can’t rule forever. He needs to go into Odinsleep once in a while. Plus he could die which could set off a whole Chain of even- Wait I’m getting too far ahead of myself. Just before Odin could make Thor King. Thor proves why the Presidency has an age limit. He has youthful ambitions and is too hot-headed. After convincing his brother and fantastic four to join him. He proceeds to commit Planetary Genocide. Odin decides to thank Thor in the best way imaginable. He strips Thor of his power, takes away his hammer abilities, and kicks Thor out to the most desolate region in all the 9 Realms. A Remote Desert in New Mexico. Whereupon the first person he sees is Natalie Portman. Wait how is that Punishment?

Thor Odinson prince of Asgard is now on the confines of Earth. From an alternate dimension where he was a GOD all the way to a simple planet where he is nothing more than an ordinary Human. He has to learn how to be a simple person. He doesn’t at first. Proving many examples of royal arrogance. Turns out that if he doesn’t learn anything. He can’t get the hammer up, BUT this is a Marvel Film so in short he redeems himself, Gets his hammer back, saves the day and kisses the girl.

All throughout this, we find that Loki isn’t really a Son of Odin. He’s actually a Frost Giant. Odin reveals this and falls into Odinsleep. As it turns out Loki kinda planned the whole Thor being cast out. Big Shocker The God of Lies and Deciept lies and deceives his way to the throne. He manipulates his world by bringing in the Frost Giants to Asgard. Then killing the Leader as soon as they get to Odin. That’s some Eastern European Shakespeare mentality. Also, he brings the Destroyer to Earth. Tries to kill Thor and his band of merry men (and lady). Talk about covering all your tracks. Thor sees past all that though. So does Odin. He goes from Odinsleep all the way to nearly saving BOTH of his sons in about 3 minutes. Loki slips away though presumably to his death much to the disdain of Fangirls everywhere.

Now Earth has just seen a battle between members of an Advanced Civilization. Will this have any impact on Future events? Sorry, That question won’t be answered for another 2 weeks. Next week we go back in time to talk about the First Avenger Captain America.

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