Halfpint’s MCU Recap: Iron Man 2

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is picking up that’s for sure. Between Metal Men and a Giant beast what could come next? Well that’s kind of discussed in this film. You’ll see as you read along.

Now I sat down and had an issue with what to write with this week. Sure I can do a recap. Tony privatizes World Peace while slowly succumbing to poisoning. He wins one fight against Vanko, Loses a Fight to his buddy Rhodey, discovers a new element, kicks ass, kisses the girl, and is told he’s not allowed as apart of that New Boy Band Nick Fury is creating. There all in One paragraph done in the books. I could also bring up the obvious Black Widow/SHIELD Subplot including the after credits reveal of Mjölnir, but we all know about that if you’re a Marvel Fan.

In viewing the film for the first time in ages I came across a scene that really showcased Marvel’s Longevity. It was known then they had a long term plan that would become the Film Franchise we see today. All of Phase One is encompassed in one Scene and it’s highly overlooked. It happens about an Hour and 10 minutes in. Tony was just given Howard Stark’s personal strongbox from Nick Fury. In it contains SOOOO many Easter Eggs. Including:

  • A Map of the Cosmos available via the 1970s
  • A Captain America Comic
  • Various maps of the North and South Poles

Unlike DC they had a plan and they stuck with it. It’s the main reason their films do so well. Not only do they make stories that drive various plots forward. They also keep them within their Universe. In fact that entire Howard speaking from the grave subplot adds another element to Tony’s Character. That not only should he be responsible. He should also use his intelligence to help not only the Planet but potentially the Universe. His inspiration to save a little boy could potentially drive the kid to become a Superhero himself. This would be driving him for a long time. He leaves the film not as a Member of the Avengers but as a small part of a potentially larger Universe. One that he feels personally responsible for protecting. All in the name of . . .Himself.

Oh yea I mentioned Mjonir. Don’t worry that’ll be around next week. The Marvel Universe leaves this planet and enters the Cosmos.

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