Halfpint’s MCU Recap: Iron Man

If 10 years ago you had told me that Iron Man would have a significant Impact in Film. Moreso than that Other Movie about a Genius Billionare Playboy Philanthropist who fights evil while wearing a suit also released that year. I would have laughed you in the face and probably wanted to punch your lights out. (Batman fan here) Yet here we are 10 years after the release of Iron Man and getting ready to watch the Blowoff of possibly the biggest setup in Movie History. . . .so far. It’s somewhat complicated and also simple. I’d like to take you through it Film by Film all leading up to Infinity War. Take this Journey with me. It’s not like you have anything else better to do.

To Tony Stark it was another normal trip to a weird country he’d soon forget about. It’s just part of the job. He has succesfully sold his new weapon the Jericho Missle to various Militaries including the United States. He was on his way back via convoy of humvees drinking scotch, possibly thinking about the reporter he banged 72 hours earlier in Las Vegas. Back to Civilization, back to Loose women, and back to more booze. That’s what he was thinking of. When all of a sudden BANG the Convoy was attacked and he found himself out of there on the ground when he sees something that changed his life forever.

It was his own missle used against him. It exploded and the shrapnel cut through his chest. He was kidnapped and then moved in a cave. Forced to build the weapon that he just sold to his Allies. He then hears the name of his enemies The Ten Rings. Maybe we’ll hear about them again, but maybe we kinda sorta won’t. It was then he made a choice. A Choice that would define him throuhout the entireity of the MCU. He would finally step up and take Responsiblity.

Taking Responsiblity to him means shutting down his weapons production. There’s one problem: He can’t do that from Afghanistan. He only has a few days so he decides to make a portable chest magnet. Then make a suit thats Invincible, Impenatrable, and over all Unstoppable. He becomes an IRON GIANT. . .wait wrong film. After a difficult battle he escapes. Near the end of it he’s given choice words by his close friend while dying he says “Don’t Waste your life”. I’m sure that won’t be hanging over his head for the rest of his life.

After coming back and pissing his own people off. Including some guy from the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division. He makes a slicker suit has some action scenes, realizes his Father type mentor (or should I say Dude) was the Enemy, Saves the day, Kills him, and DOESN’T kiss the girl. We all know that. If you haven’t seen it. . .Spoiler I guess.

He finally decides to cooperate with that Government Organization at the behest of his Better Half. They call themselves SHIELD They give him a press statement to spout off at. It was then he realized he has taken some responsiblity in his life. He has finally found a purpose. He’s gonna do nothing but great things in his life. He’s not going to waste it. He just needs to stick to the cue cards. He doesn’t want to reveal who he is and risk everyone he holds dear. He’s not that kind of person anymore.

OH wait he’s Tony Stark he can do whatever the F*CK he wants.

That’s great he’s got the girl, he has somewhat of a character arc, and he’s Iron Man. Story’s over credits roll its time to go home . . .Right?

WRONG!!! When he comes home that night he’s approached by someone who disrupts his own Butler system. Someone named Nick Fury who wants to talk to Tony about something called “The Avengers Initative”. Golly Gee what could that possibly mean?????

Join with me next week as I go over the next film in the series. THE INCREDIBLE HULK.

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