Episode 73 – Guest: Riann, The Best of 2017, and Logan Paul

Episode 73 of Blame Your Brother features guest Riann, who he discovered through Barstool Sports Radio. She calls into the program and discusses a bad date that involved body builders, showers, and a lot of arguing.  She also talks to the guys about the NFL, her love for the Browns, her hatred for Tom Brady, and who she thinks will be in the Super Bowl.

The three hosts lists some of their favorite TV Show and Movies of 2017 and also give out some listener favorites as well.

John gives advice to a woman who was passed over for a promotion at her job.

The guys wrap up the show by talking about Logan Paul.  Logan Paul is a vlogger and filmed a dead body in the Suicide Forrest in Japan. Backlash was immediate from the internet.

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