Episode 50 – Voice Mails, The Juice is Loose, and Gym Stalkers

Episode 50 is here and the guys are ready to celebrate.  They have a lot of Voice Mails from listeners and play those to celebrate turning 50!

Topics Discussed:

  • Michael Vick told Colin Kaepernick to get a haircut and people were upset
  • The Juice is Loose!  A parole board has voted to release OJ Simpson in Octobter
  • Drones are being used by the Police in Spring Hill
  • A White County Judge is offering time off sentences in exchange for vasectomies
  • A listener needs help with a Gym Stalker

Fans also celebrate the 50th episode with Selfies in the #BlameYourSelfie segment and Misogyny Alerts are going off throughout the episode.  Download the episode and enjoy the shenanigans.

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